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Faith in seeing yourself Big is Rare,” while “Fear about seeing yourself Big is Omnipresent.

The 2 biggest reasons why people fail to love themselves, as I see, are:

  • First-Fear of Scale –Fear of not being able to see oneself big 3-5-10 years down the line, both on the Professional & Personal front.
  • Second-Not having faith in oneselfMany of us look at instant gratification in work and expect instantaneous results. It’s only the faith in our own thoughts and actions that provides you the grip never to give up. And having faith in your own actions inevitably is a belief in the power beyond our control. It gives you exceptional clarity and an image of yourself that you would love to see.

As I see, “Faith in seeing yourself Big is very rare,” while “Fear about seeing yourself Big is omnipresent.”

  • First-Fear of Scale – Humans’ are wired to avoid achieving heights as well as to avoid steep falls. Fear is like an emotional quicksand. Many a time, it’s imaginary and, at times, based on experience. Shouldn’t we fear being in the same place for years together rather than seeing ourselves big in life? The reason for this remains to be a big part of your mind is screen playing and people around you would not accept you and challenge you growing big

My mother, earlier in her life, feared a lot for not having even the basic living things, No home, No full-time meals, and obviously No money, so she prayed and kept fast, four days a week, to overcome the fear of not having anything and in response excepting the future would be better. When she became older, she still kept fast for 4 days, the reason being fear of losing whatever she and her children had earned. I can still understand the fear of things that can or are going wrong, and the irony remains that we get scared of things that can go right in life. What a mockery, the problem of having plenty and fear of losing it all!

Professional Fear: Fear of Professional Stagnation results from all those factors that we lack to upgrade our skill set, the one required to enhance our contribution better than expected every single day. Many of us are unaware of this until we face situations like low increments, change of departments, or layoffs for lack of desired output, especially during economic recessions. Whenever such complacency drags in, take a look at the interview lines for an executive job opening at banks in the IT industry, or, for that matter, a job to be taken at any level in any industry. Or take out the recent newspaper cuttings that highlight Giant or Mid-Cap companies, including startups that had laid off their employees for lack of desired contribution and skill set.

Have you ever seen on your way to the office a long queue of daily workers filled with anxiety about whether they would earn today’s bread for their family? And seeing this have you felt fortunate for having a permanent job, where if you decide you can excel and fulfill all that you have dreamt off? 

All this, when you start ignoring, then transpires into professional fears viz: fear of Job Loss, fear of professional stagnation, fear of incompetence, and fear of competition within and outside the organization. 

So are the fears on the personal front, the fear of poverty, poor health, or insecurity of unfulfilled dreams of having a house or a great education for kids. As rightly said, “Give a mediocre individual an opportunity to earn crores of Rupees, and you will find he will force his way back to where he belongs.” “Fear of scale” rules the mind of a mediocre. There are more examples of individuals deteriorating from being rich to poor than the other way around. As rags to riches is a journey of purposeful thoughts and actions, while rich to rags is a journey with the poverty of thoughts and actions.

As rightly said by Bear Grylls, “Being brave isn’t the absence of fear, Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it.”

I leave you with this thought, “Fear Results, In-Action, Surrender, Disbelief, Indecisiveness and Systematic Degradation of Self (SDS), till we meet next to conversing on the Second Fear-Not, having faith in oneself.
Faith in Oneself, is that important to us? Do you have faith in your own vision and actions? Tell me your thoughts and opinions on my website, , and don’t forget to follow my social media handles!

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