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World Is A Great Place To Live In, If You Love Your Reflection

As said by Lucille Ball, “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

When I used to ask these questions to my colleagues working at executive levels,

Can you see yourself as vice-president of our organization in the next 5 years? or

Can you see yourself along with your family staying in a suite room of a 5 star hotel in Mumbai costing 2.5 lakhs per night for 4 nights? Or

Taking an international tour every year with your family for 15 days for next 5 years?

And what I heard from them was, Sirji, do you see a Vice president in me? Just take a look at me from top to bottom “Agale panch saalmein Marketing Manager bhi banjaun toh Ganimat hai, Muzhe toh retirement tak bhi yeh mumkin nahi dikhata”. Or some other expressions, “Jab un rahonper jana he nahi, to Kyon sapne dekhane hai.”

The very answers heard, reflected what they saw of themselves and depicted how much they love their own reflection.

Nothing is more dangerous if you can’t see & love what you see of yourself in the mirror,” and I am convinced that there are 3 kinds of personalities:

1. One who genuinely loves him or herself.

2. He or She who pretends to love oneself.

3. Those who hate what they see of themselves.

“It’s only the first category that goes on to become successful; the rest all fit them as per the need of the ecosystem.”

It is of paramount importance that every year, you see your reflection in the mirror. What you should see are the heights you scaled in your corporate and personal life. Normally, the mirror gives an accurate picture of what you have achieved till the time you are not ready to see or accept what you see in the mirror.

“The accuracy of the reflection seen is mostly based on the baggage of our experience and the uncalled advice and wisdom sharing that’s around us.”

Every time you see your reflection in a mirror, it reproduces images of what you are today; also, in addition, where you could have been and, most importantly, what you could be in the future.

The day you look at your reflection, and you feel, “Do not tell me what to do; it’s essentially the people around me that need a change,” probably that plugs in the possibility of you taking a “U” turn in your derailed life journey.

Seeing the reflection, if you do not get this awareness that “I need change,” you would only presume and expect that your tomorrow would be better. And there are many who, without doing anything different from the previous day, wake up to the notion that today is going to be a life-changing morning for me.

Let us not carry the burden of this regret on a deathbed; why did I ignore my reflection, “Didn’t it always mirror the Truth?”

The 2 biggest reasons why people fail to love themselves are:

First-Fear of Scale,

Second-Not-having Faith in oneself

I leave you with this thought until we interrelate next time. (Ciao…Adios)

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