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Why Do People Struggle to Exist and Seek Recognition?

As I said in my last blog, the corporate world corresponds to “A cricket stadium,” and in this cricket stadium, there are 3 types of individuals:

  • The 1st that would always remain outside the cricket stadium, wondering what’s happening inside the stadium.The 2nd who plays the role of being a lifetime audience always clapping and cheering for others who perform &
  • The 3rd are the actual players who ensure that the audience applauds for their performance and make the individuals outside the stadium wonder what’s happening inside the stadium.

The choice is all yours regarding what category of individual you would like yourself to be equated as, the one who would remain outside the stadium and keep wondering what’s happening in this corporate world, literally unaware of things happening or always applaud for others and remain in his or her own comfort zone or would like to be the actual players who play the real game and contribute to making the other two categories amused and entertained. You should note that most of the individuals force their way in the first 2 categories.

Many of my departmental head colleagues used to complain, “We tried changing a lot of things, be the actual players for the betterment of the organization; unfortunately, we were never allowed to make one by the higher management.

I have been vehemently advocating that every professional management looks to run each of its departments as a profit center. Many departmental heads don’t understand that the elemental aspect of running any business remains to be its financials. No doubt, creating demand and providing quality products and services still would be important, yet the accountability of each department would be measured by how much profit you contributed directly or indirectly. The effectiveness of your marketing, sales, training, administration, finance, HR, or any other department would be calculated only through what is that you contributed directly or indirectly to plough in the profits for the organization. The organization looks only into deliverables that result in short or long-term profits. The day you bring in the change that echo’s this thought and belief every change brought in by you will get accepted. You need to have this power and conviction that relate to this sacred thought (contribution towards profit) into action.

Most of the average individuals glue to a safe belief that I should play the “Game of Life” essentially not to lose, just to survive rather than to succeed in life. As rightly said, to win a game, you need to play it first; most of us don’t even begin.

It’s not about a blazing one-time performance that’s important in any industry as it quickly fizzles off, leaving only smoke and the memory of what a spectacular performance it was. Every industry, fortunately, has a short memory, so learn the trait of being consistent and bring in the cult of every time performance. As rightly said, trying hard to be Mediocre is the biggest curse of life.

This brings me to the fundamental question raised while being in the Corporate world, “Why do people struggle to exist, struggle to get noticed.” The bigger irony is the one where an individual struggles to exist within the family when they draw no attention or importance from their better half, parents, or children. It’s difficult to accept, yet it’s true that it’s all about what you do in your professional life that eventually culminates into your personal life cycle. See you with more of my thoughts pen down in my next BLOG.

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