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Without a purpose, chasing success would be like a mirage

If you have no purpose and joy in the chase “of being successful,” it will be a mirage in an expanding desert of ignorance Charudutt Katare.

For most people, complete life becomes a “Chase,” if questioned, “Chase what?” the answer is, “Don’t know; others claim to be chasing something, so am I.”

If asked in school, “What are you chasing?” they say, “People claim they are chasing marks, so am I,” When asked, “How many marks are you chasing? They say, “Don’t know, my friend and parents say 90% should be good, so I am chasing that elusive number”.

In college, they chase a lucrative job; what is the definition of a lucrative job? The answer is, “I do not know; others say Rs. 20 lakhs annual package is lucrative, so I am chasing that figure”.

While on the job, they claim to chase their vision, their passion; if you ask them, “Can u tell me your vision in life or what you are passionate about? They would say, “Many claims they are chasing their respective vision, so I also claim I am chasing mine.”

If you have no purpose and joy in the chase “of being successful,” it will be a mirage in an expanding desert of ignorance.

As rightly said by Branch Rickey, “If things don’t come easy, there is no premium on effort. There should be joy in the chase, zest in the pursuit.”

And in life, many things won’t come easy to you, especially in the professional world where you are pursuing your vision and passion indiscreetly, as many do. You would land chasing a Ghost, and that Ghost is never to be found.

And when you Look back at your life journey, you will realize, “I really struggled to exist professionally and even at a personal level.”

One of the biggest reasons most struggle to exist in the corporate world is they do not practice the concepts of Life Leadership.

Degrees are why you get into the corporate world, while your actions and contribution are the only reason why you get to stay and continue to progress and scale heights. The corporate world never looks at talent alone; it constantly searches for the right attitude. It’s about what an individual brings to the table both from a short and long-term perspective. The essence is what you contribute to the organization, the skills you can trade for the value an organization pays.

The most common answer during an interview to the question asked, “What are your strengths”? The answer remains, “I am a quick learner”. No wonder this is a common answer as the interviewer or the employers often use a keyword scanner tool to shortlist resumes and candidates during interviews, where “I am a quick learner” features amongst the most expected and desired answer. Although one should remember “Corporate world is less about learning and more about Delivering.” The corporate world is never about Optics.

Once in the corporate world, “Words are nothing; actions mean everything”. So while an individual moves up in the corporate world, he quickly realizes it’s not about a wonderful presentation, a finely coined report to be submitted, or your internship or previous organizational experience; it’s less about a deceptive appearance. It’s all about action, implementation, and accountability, with the most important deliverable expected, “The Results.”

Many colleagues of mine at various management levels have asked, “Can you describe the corporate world”? Before I made a statement, I expressed my heartfelt feelings after me being for 27 years as an Intrapreneur working at various vantage positions, “Corporate world is a great place to be if you enjoy accountability.”

“If you believe merely in delegation without monitoring the process and results, you can’t be a great leader. You can survive but rarely scale heights for yourself or for your team.”

I expressed to my colleagues, “Corporate world can be best described with these 3 statements:

  • The corporate world is less about learning and more about delivering.
  • Professional companies do not recognize effort & emotions as KRAs or KPIs (Key Performance Areas or Key Performance Indicators). They recognize only results.
  • If you don’t have your own personal and professional vision, then you work your entire life towards achieving the vision of an individual who has one.

In my opinion, the corporate world corresponds to “A cricket stadium,” and in this cricket stadium, there are 3 types of individuals….I leave you with this thought to ponder until I pen down my next blog describing the cooperate world the way I see it!

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  1. Very true 👍 when you get the things after overcoming the hurdles on the way to achieve desired goal , it gives utmost pleasure. ..

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